twist ring.

While tapping and twisting several prototypes, I looked for a form that was satisfying, paying close attention to the distorted expressions each time. The perfect balance of twists creates movement when layered.

Due to the design, there may be a difference in the size when measured with a size stick and when worn. When receiving an order, please measure the size that is perfect for your customer using a 3mm wide ring gauge.

Twist wing.  

We cherished the distorted texture as we hammered and twisted the metal many times through out the process of finding the right form. 
This perfect form of twist adds an accent of motion when worn stacked. 

There is a gap in between the size on the ring mandrel, and how it actually feels on the finger. 
When making an order, please choose a size that feels right using a 3mm ring gage. 
material K18YG/PT900
stone diamond 0.09
form size Height: ●●mm Width: ●●mm
ring size No. 11, No. 11.5, No. 13.5
Product number rcd042tws

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